Battle of the Books

Tournament Information for Spring '23:

  • tournament schedule and teams are listed below. Students will compete twice on Monday. 
  • students will need to wear their Battle of Books shirts while competing on both days. (These will be handed out on the first day of tournament. 
  • students will be responsible for knowing the title and author of each book listed below for the tournament. 
  • half of the questions will be "in which book" questions, the other half will be "In the book __ by __, (comprehension question goes here).
  • Parents are welcome to come watch their children compete. Please arrive early as the day progresses, rounds tend to start early. Rounds usually last 30 minutes. 
First page of the PDF file: 8-team-double-fillable_2
bob teams
Books are available at the following locations:
Altus Intermediate Library
"Sora" app online (use student google account)
Reading teachers classroom collection
Altus Public Library
Altus Air Force Base Library

Current Book List

First page of the PDF file: BattleofBooksList23-GoogleDrive_1

5th grade must read 6 books from the list to qualify: 6th grade must read 8 books from the list to qualify.

students must pass reading comprehension test with 70% or higher on selected books to qualify: *tests are available from the reading teachers.